don’t let me forget . . . #1

This parenting thing is all going so fast. And so slow. Every 3 months these little boys are seemingly new people.

So, in the interests of keeping some of this in my head and heart a little longer (given my poor memory due to sleep deprivation), I’m going to list these off occasionally.

Stuff I don’t ever want to forget:

• A’s current twists on celebratory words: “whoo-FOO!” (whoo-hoo) and “it-TAH!” (ta-da)

• F’s arms wound tight around my neck

• cuddling with the boys in bed before we start our day

• A saying “I’m good” and “I love you too” even when no one asked him how he’s doing or said “I love you” first

• The boys dancing to the piano on demo mode

• F counting to 10

• The way the boys stick their noses in the air when they go to time out, trying to get every bit of themselves into the corner

• F saying his name for the first time: “Ninney!”

• A telling everyone that “my tree fall down” — that tree being the one I painted in his room, about which he had a nightmare over 6 months ago


Things I’m glad will fade with time:

• The stress of using a public bathroom and trying to keep the boys from touching all of the things

• F’s current penchant for “NO!” and “STOP IT!”

• orthotics, everything to do with them

• eczema, everything to do with it

• A “looping” — the same questions, ad nauseum, on repeat, forever

• demands for juice, milk, snack, shows, outside, and everything else that makes it tough to sit down for more than 3 1/2 minutes

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