Catching my breath. Almost.

Hooray for do-nothing Saturdays!

(Well, almost do-nothing.  I’ve got laundry going.  Still, not too bad).

So!  The conference.  Best thing I’ve ever done as far as writing goes.  I’m so thankful to those who made it happen for me — Brenda, who offered me the scholarship in the first place.  Justin, who said he’d figure out a way to live without me for a week.  Erin, who let me have the time off work, though I’ve only worked for her since May.

First of all — the location was gorgeous.  Here are a few pics I took my first morning.

memorial day weekend fun


No surgery for Dad yet… they’ve referred him to a hospital in the big city (Seattle) rather than the one at home, so naturally they’re wanting to re-do all the tests since their machines are much better.  The new doc mentioned that whatever is causing the low heart function might not necessarily need surgery.  All of a sudden we’re grateful for all the delays with the other hospital–he could have already had a risky surgery that he didn’t need.  Then again, he might need surgery.  We’ll see.  So, we’re cautiously hopeful and getting used to waiting.  And poor Dad is getting used to hanging around, doing not much of anything.

Kev-bone and our friends Grace and Andy (the Lucaii) visited us over the holiday weekend, and we did some hanging out down on the waterfront, and some far-more-strenuous-than-planned hiking just south of Bellingham (Oyster Dome).

Here are some pics!


Kevo out on the ridge.  Great view, huh?


Gracie and Andy at Boulevard Park.


Love this picture!


View of the San Juan Islands.


Two tired kids.

Fun times… and it only took our bodies a week to recuperate.  Oi.